IBM i 7.2 - The first new IBM i release in 4 years!!

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IBM seem to have honed in on security with this release and also significant new functions in DB2 for i systems management.
One of the concepts focused on and invested heavily in with recent releases is enabling data-centric design and focusing on how the new DB2 Row & Column Access Control security functions fits into that approach. Giving DB2 the responsibility of enforcing security, which is part of data-centric design, it allows you to remove complexity from your applications and administration, whilst helping to ensure that nothing is missed as you enforce security procedure for your company.

IBM i 7.2 is supported on Power Systems servers with POWER8 Processors, Power System servers and blades and PureFlex systems with POWER7/7+ processors and Power Systems with POWER6/6+ Processors. Customers using POWER5/5+ servers or earlier servers must move to newer systems to take advantage of the new features in IBM i 7.2.

Customers running IBM i 7.1 or IBM i 6.1 can easily upgrade to IBM i 7.2, to benefit from the additional features and performance. To learn more about the new release or if you have any questions regarding the level of software that you are currently running please contact your dedicated account team here at Blue Chip.

A few of the new enhancements are listed below;

IBM i 7.2 New enhancements;

  • Enhanced security options in DB2 for i
  • New functions for programmer productivity and expanded function in DB2 for i
  • Improved ease of use with IBM Navigator for i
  • Enhancements to iAccess Client Solutions
  • Extensions to security to more applications through new single sign on (SSO) environments
  • Liberty core as the base for integrated application server
  • Support for Zend server 6.0 on IBM i 7.2
  • Performance improvements for the IFS
  • Extensions to the printing environments
  • Expanded Hub functions for backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)
  • PowerHA SystemMirror for i, Express Edition with new HyperSwap Capability
  • Support for new Power Systems built with POWER8 Architecture and processor
  • Additional I/O Capabilities including support for WAN over LAN
  • Rational tools enhancements to support free format RPG
  • Support for the open-source file serving solution Samba

IBM i 7.2 are you ready?

This article was written by Claire Gallagher. As a System Upgrade Specialist at Blue Chip, Claire works with customers in the Midlands; providing them with new and 2nd user IBM iSeries, pSeries and xSeries systems, upgrades and solutions. Claire has been specialising in the sales of IBM iSeries, pSeries and xSeries storage solutions since 2004 and helps enable customers deliver the maximum availability and performance from their business critical systems.