IBM i 7.2 - The first new IBM i release in 4 years!!

claire june blog webWhat's new?
IBM seem to have honed in on security with this release and also significant new functions in DB2 for i systems management.
One of the concepts focused on and invested heavily in with recent releases is enabling data-centric design and focusing on how the new DB2 Row & Column Access Control security functions fits into that approach. Giving DB2 the responsibility of enforcing security, which is part of data-centric design, it allows you to remove complexity from your applications and administration, whilst helping to ensure that nothing is missed as you enforce security procedure for your company.

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IBM Commit IBM i (AS/400) Roadmap Beyond 2025

ibm i godfarther dr frank soltis with blue chips lee bailey v3I met Dr Frank at last week's 2 day NiSUG (IBM i user group) in Windsor, England, where I also met other IBM'ers Alison Butterill and her entourage from IBM headquarters in Armonk, USA.

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Firmamos importante acuerdo comercial

Hemos firmado un importante acuerdo comercial con la empresa C+ C Uno Consultores.

Dicho acuerdo significa un paso importante para nuestra empresa. Daremos soporte para la plataforma iSeries.